ALIS Whitepaper


ALIS is Japan’s first non-ad funded social media platform. It is a new and novel platform where
many individuals can create and find useful articles. With ALIS tokens as the key driver, we
remove ads and stealth marketing so that people can quickly access and find high quality
articles and trusted individuals. To be honest, we were intrigued by STEEM (,
which helped to inspire the conception of ALIS. This article explains the STEEM concept:
Our story began with Sota Ishii, our project member who posted several travel photos
( on STEEM. Surprisingly,
this article earned close to $30 and we were able to buy the most expensive pizza at Dominoʼs.

We were surprised and at the same time wanted to know how such a scheme is possible, so we
researched STEEM thoroughly (not for another Dominoʼs pizza). The more we researched about
STEEM, the more we liked what we found.
At STEEM, the platform itself is being evaluated. This results in STEEM’s tokens increasing in value,
which can then be traded in exchanges at a higher price. This scheme is possible because the
increase in value is being distributed to creators and evaluators of articles.
Moreover, STEEM has already been valued at 378 million dollars (as of July 9, 2017). We now truly
feel that there is a new era in media. Traditionally the media has relied on ads for their revenue (as
you may know, more than 70% of both Google and Facebookʼs revenue rely on ad sales), and it is
unavoidable for users to see ads or ad-like articles when browsing. Under such conditions, there have
been various counter-measures in the ad industry.
For example, incentives are paid when users allow the ads to appear, or show only the ads users truly
are interested in by means of machine learning, etc. However, none of them seem to be successful so
far, and users are still forced to consume unwanted and meaningless ads that are inspired by native
ads trend (these are much worse since they don’t even look like ads).
STEEM has the power to change the rules of economics from the ground up. STEEM is a great service
and we are inspired by it however, we saw two big shortcomings. First, the token scheme, which is
the backbone of the platform, is too complicated and takes a long time to understand. STEEM has
several types of tokes: STEEM, STEEM SP and STEEM dollars. In order to acquire them there is
complex and the rules of operating the platform are very difficult to understand for first-time users.
This prevents new users with lower literacy from joining, which is negative in terms of activation and
retention. We consider these to be the most important points for a media platform. Secondly, STEEM
is not localized for the Japanese audience at all.
We launched the ALIS project to solve this. ALIS has three features the traditional social media lack:
1. Many high quality articles that can be accessed quickly and easily
2. The value of the platform is passed onto the users
3. Reliability of data that is possible with Blockchain at a lower cost than before
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ALIS Whitepaper

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ALIS Whitepaper