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2017 is the year of the outbreak of the blockchain, and many blockchain technologies obtained great progress. Blockchain is called the next-generation Internet technology, which transfers the information interconnection to the value of internet. At the same time, with the characteristics of value network and decentration consensus, the blockchain can develop a more perfect economic system, reconstruct the business ecology, and even inspire greater technological innovation in combination with many industries.

In particular, the distributed feature of the blockchain enables participants on the chain to share the economic benefits of the whole ecology without forming a monopoly. It can be used to break islanding of the industry, allowing the entire industry to compete in the collaboration and exchange basic data and facilities to form more benign technical and commercial cooperation.

The medical industry is an isolated island industry that strictly maintains its own data and technology. But meanwhile, it is the industry that needs to work together to safeguard the health and safety of human life, and many diseases need to improve the cure rate through the sharing of data and technologies among the institutions. At present, the islanding in the industry is very serious, and medical institutions are working independently and competing with each other. Governments and the United Nations have called upon the inter-enterprise collaboration to serve the health of all human beings, but it produces very little effect. The cause is rooted in the traditional business model that is not conducive to medical business collaboration and data sharing.

It is the relatively closed and semi-market-oriented feature of the industry that leads to the slow development of the medical field. But the medical industry also has a very broad market space. The annual expenditure of the global medical and health market has reached tens of trillions U.S. dollars. In developed countries, the medical and healthcare industry in the United States reached nearly four trillion U.S. dollars, accounting for more than 15% of its GDP. Meanwhile, among developing countries, the scale of China’s health industry has also reached nearly eight trillion yuan, accounting for 5% of its GDP, and there is still huge room for growth.

The new business and technology cooperation mode created by the blockchain can completely address the serious medical resources and information gap. There is no doubt that the solution of “Medical Treatment + Artificial Intelligence + Blockchain” can thoroughly address the current dilemma in the medical industry. The revolutionary business model and technical infrastructure enable various institutions on the whole chain of medical industry to exchange data, develop collaboratively and obtain their own corresponding economic benefits.

The combination of artificial intelligence with medical services can continuously acquire data in a distributed network to realize the functions of intelligent image diagnosis, medical bills OCR, electrocardiogram (ECG) monitoring, virtual health assistant and
the like, and the network has the capability of self-evolution.

AIDOC is the pioneer in the field of distributed intelligent medical treatment. It applies the cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence to the medical field, and constructs the intelligent medical value chain – AIDOC chain, which can link the participants on the chain, integrate the resources of health industry, improve the value of health data, and maximize the value of the participants on the chain.

After uploading their own health vital signs data and medical data to the AIDOC chain, users will get token rewards
through the way that is similar to “mining” , so that personal signs are digitized in the AIDOC chain. Through digitally writing the personal signs to the AIDOC chain, a “bit digital person” will be constructed, which is the real mapping of the life on the AIDOC chain. Providing an AIdoctor for everyone, AIDOC combines the distributed AIdoctor with the blockchain.

The AIdoctor real-time monitors the signs data and knows your individual detail indicators and abnormal statuses, so it can give you a more reasonable advice. The more accurate and comprehensive the data are, the more effective the health guidance and medical solutions can be. AIDOC hands over the retroactive rights, knowing rights and the access and control rights of vital signs data to the owner, so that the user can authorize the data to be opened or sold directly to the relevant medical institution or AI engine technology service provider, thereby realizing the free trade of medical data. Write the life health data to the blockchain and clone the bit digital person in the digital world, so that everyone can have an exclusive AIdoctor.

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AI Doctor Whitepaper