ACRE Whitepaper

ACRE Coin is a joint proof of stake and Masternode consensus that designs to provide disruptive decentralized
property-related ecosystem with a view to shift the paradigm of property rental industry. ACRE coin embraces the
blockchain revolution and aims to develop and operates real estate portals and delivering the most comprehensive
set of related real estate services including Airbnb concept-like as our core project followed by advertisement,
marketing and legal services in our website getaway. As we know that property dealings involve meeting of face,
payments for the aforesaid services will be in the form of ACRE coin via scanning of QT codes on the mobile wallets. ACRE Coin seeks to fill the hotbed of blockchain-based property rental transactions. Setting periodical realistic targets, ACRE Coin backed by its experienced team in related-field will open a new getaway
to serves as a medium of exchange for consumers, home-owners, property agents, developers, lawyers and other
relevant parties. Our unique website-crypto platform shall offers property rental listings, geopolitical updates and
property related information that will disrupt legacy property rental website such as AirBnB. ACRE Coin is derived from PIVX Platform and will adopt its best standard solutions.

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ACRE Whitepaper