AC3 Whitepaper


AC3 is the world’s first coin-operating decentralized blockchain payment system exclusively focused on enabling Content Creators, such as educators, influencers and artists in our network to accept digital currency payments directly from their students and followers. AC3 facilitates payment transactions and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional payment methods like credit cards, PayPal and Patreon. AC3 expects to lower the overall transaction costs compared to traditional payment structures while improving transaction speed, mitigating inefficiencies and streamlining the payment process of online content.

Although we are starting with a secure payment solution, our mission is to provide creators and educators with a multi-purpose blockchain to generate sustainable monthly income. There are a variety of cutting-edge wallet features under development that will revolutionize how creators protect and deliver content. Some of these features are recurring payments (this allows creators to create long-term revenue streams), Proof of Creation (this allows creators to fully own their content; analogous to copyrighting) and exclusive video content that will be distributed directly to an AC3 wallet.

Key Points
• Our social media networks reaches over 2 million creators, designers and developers each month1
• The AC3 network and the AC3’s Blockchain are built and fullyfunctional as well as our digital wallet, which is available for download on OSX, Windows and Linux.
• Our private blockchain, AC3’s Blockchain, has been tested with over 15,000 transactions
• We have established content Partners and active Users on the AC3 network3
• AC3 is the first company to provide a cryptocurrency payment system to replace traditional payment methods for Content Creators and recurring membership businesses
• The AC3 team has a successful history together of developing, building and growing tech-centric educational platforms

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AC3 Whitepaper