ABLE Whitepaper

The ABLE project will create a solution to problems with traditional
bank lending-deposit spreads, and nontransparent and centralized
cryptocurrency financial services, basing the solution on the
transparency and reliability of a blockchain system. The ABLE
project is the cryptocurrency-specific financial solution that provides
cryptocurrency financial products through person-to-person loanmatching systems and decentralized exchanges.
The ABLE project will create a platform that enables cryptocurrencybased financial activities to center around the ABLE account,
emanating from the fact that banking activities are carried out primarily
through bank accounts. Users propose loan interest rates through a
matching system, eliminating the lending-deposit spread by directly
connecting users on a peer-to-peer basis. The ABLE project supports
decentralized exchanges and provides decentralized cryptocurrency
wealth management services through smart contracts. Ultimately the
project aims to evolve into the ABLE Ecosystem through its integration
with external systems, including simple payments. ABLE Website
ABLE Whitepaper