2GIVE Whitepaper


In 2015, the Minnesota nonprofit organization Strength in Numbers Foundation (SNF) agreed to take over maintenance of the Givecoin blockchain (GIVE). The original chain had been developed as an X11 hash suite cryptocurrency based on a version of Darkcoin (DARK). The developers selected the Kimoto Gravity Well (KGW) emit function to act as the coinbase’s throttling mechanism.

Givecoin 1.0 suffered from “pool hoppers”, a mining collective that switches among chains when advantageous to do so. This is somewhat ironic because the developer of KGW claimed to have designed it to deal with this very problem. Our experience lends support that it can not only be exploited but that it can actually be leveraged as a Denial of Service attack vector for thinly supported chains. The reader can watch the blockchain on its official explorer at https://www.blockexperts.com to see evidence of the “fits and spurts” the chain suffers from in terms of the cadence between blocks.

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2GIVE Whitepaper