0xcert Whitepaper

Create, own, and validate unique assets on the blockchain with 0xcert – the first open
protocol built to support the future of digital assets, powered by non-fungible tokens.
The 0xcert protocol offers tools for building powerful dapps, aimed at easy
authentication and management of digital or real-world tangible assets (such as ID,
educational certificate, in-game item or a house) on the blockchain. In addition to
common functions for transferring and managing standard non-fungible tokens, the
0xcert protocol provides another layer of conventions for creating certified
non-fungible tokens for unique assets. These tokens are called Xcerts and are created
through a custom minting process. Xcerts represent opinionated non-fungible tokens,
which also hold an imprint of an asset. With 0xcert protocol, we can validate a proof of
existence, authenticity and ownership of these digital assets without third-party

Due to the complexity of low-level blockchain solutions, the wide adoption of
non-fungible tokes and blockchain in general is slower than it could be. The lack of
conventions prevents interoperability among applications. Developers trying to
develop their own decentralised application using non-fungible tokens face long
development time and huge risk in their development process and security, lowering
the overall efficiency and adoption rate. The resulting ecosystem of digital assets is
under risk of being fragmented, with non-interoperable dapps and underlying data.
One of the major problems in the future may not be the technological barrier to issuing
ownership rights of different unique assets on the blockchain, but rather the
authenticity of issuing entities. Currently there is no mechanism to attest credible NFT

The vision of 0xcert is to provide an open protocol for standardized and certified
non-fungible tokens to a wider tech audience. With 0xcert, you can build on top of the
non-fungible token standard, employing a complete toolset, development framework,
and a set of conventions for various use cases. This results in shorter development
time, lower risk and cuts cost associated with developing blockchain solutions. A wide
range of decentralized applications and business models can be supported, giving
companies the power to fully utilize the potential of blockchain technology. 0xcert is an
open source protocol that translates one-of-a-kind digital or real-world assets into
non-fungible tokens (NFTs) – unique proof of ownership available from the blockchain.
0xcert is a framework with a set of on-chain and off-chain rules for managing Xcerts
and other standard non-fungible tokens. Our mission is to equip application developers
with a secure blockchain agnostic platform, powerful tools and community embraced
conventions for managing non-fungible tokens. 0xcert is a pluggable settlement with
an advanced integration layer for different dapps and relay applications. This enables
developers to focus on the application layer and quickly build applications for issuing
university certificates, KYC applications, applications for loyalty programs, warranties,
badges, credits or even a decentralized non-fungible exchange.

A key role in the 0xcert infrastructure is played by the ZXC utility tokens. These are
fungible tokens that are compliant with Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. The ZXC token
will be utilized to support dapps built on top of the 0xcert protocol with minimum
possible fees. Since 0xcert is an open source project that strives to be community
driven, a decentralized governance model could be introduced as well.

We recognize that one of the fundamental problems in the blockchain space may
become the authenticity of issuers in the future. A decentralized issuer verification
registry may be an acceptable and self-sustaining solution to the problem. The
community would have an option to either verify or reject new Xcert issuers through a
staking and rewarding mechanism based on the ZXC token.

Furthermore, 0xcert is also building out a whole ecosystem of parties involved in the
non-fungible space, as well as specific application developers, companies from various
verticals, researchers, organisations and communities. Planned growth activities will
not only positively impact and extend further adoption of technologies developed by
0xcert, but also expand the scientific horizon of non-fungible tokens in general.

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